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Where did Ludia go? Earth to Ludia

So not only did we not get an event schedule, I’ve also noticed Ludia has seemingly disappeared in the past day or two. Haven’t seen any Ludia mods on the forum or anywhere, so what happened? Maybe you guys have seen them online, if so say it here. If not, where is ludia?

If any Ludia mods or employees see this, please reply so we know you are all still alive and not abducted by aliens or something. Or most likely eaten by dracorats and procerats.

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Mods are here. We are fast and outrun dracoceratops :running_man:


Ok cool you are still alive… just lurking I suppose :joy:
Except that nothing outruns dracoceratops :eyes: Swap in always goes first (Unless ofc, mods have swap in mute that prevents Dracoceratops from doing anything)

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Lol yeah Marek it’s not possible! Ask Velociraptor or ProceWrathomimus.

You just need a bit of SIR immunity. Available for mods only :slight_smile:


(Friendly teasing)
Ah, totally Ludia.

Finally, someone notices!!!