Where did stegosaurus go?

They were everywhere in Orlando. I was super close to getting my stegodeous and suddenly with the update I’ve found more trex than stegosaurus DNA. Is this temporary or is it going to be a very slow crawl at this point.

He is available for purchase in the market. I’m sort of kidding. Seems to be a trend though, they don’t spawn as much when they are for sale. That and last night I noticed the lack of green supply drops when I was hunting velo. I suppose they don’t really want you to use all 36 attempts. When there are 6 attempts allowed the green drops are everywhere.

Same story up in Apopka, a week ago you couldn’t throw a brick without hitting two Stegos, not seen a single one since the update.

Parks are their spawn points mainly.

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They are park spawns at night

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I didn’t see that change in the mechanics. A marketing degree causes a person to think everything is a scheme lol.

Just peeked and they are an anytime park spawn :blush:

Awesome. I’m learning. Only been playing a few weeks. Guess I need to drive the kids by some parks tonight.

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