Where did the dinos go?


Good day everyone,

Is it just happening to my region or are other people finding that the spawns took a big hit today? I barely see anything in a large radius, and it is in the middle of a medium sized Canadian City (hardly what you would call the middle of nowhere). usually there at least 5 or 6 dinos around but today I am lucky if I can see 1 or 2, sometimes nothing at all.

Wasn’t the latest major update bragging about adding more spawns ?..


just a working theory… did a large meteorite come streaking through the sky recently :stars: ? Higher Geo-thermic activity? Volcano explosion :volcano: ?

Sorry had to state the obvious… :crazy_face:


Yes it did, only smaller animals escaped


I’ve noticed a major decrease in spawns over the last week or so. Night hunting is barely worth it most nights now. Today was terrible though, even compared to the previous days. I think someone at Ludia is sabotaging the game lately.