Where did the featured dino spawns go?

It was great when they moved the featured dino spawns out of the parks, my area only had 8 total spawns between the 2 parks, but after the change, there were spawns points everywhere.
But each week since they made the change there have been fewer and fewer green supply drops for the featured dinos. this week there are only 5 in the entire area, and they are spread out instead of clustered in the parks. what is going on? why are there so few featured dino locations now? can we just go back to park only so i can actually have a chance to get the dinos i want?
Also, why does my neighborhood need 31 strike towers? there are only 4 unique active strikes going on right now.

I’ve noticed this as well. Strike towers are dominating the map. Spawns and event dinos take the back seat.

Maybe if they made the strike towers disappear after completion, some of those locations could turn into featured dino spawns. Then we would get the best of both worlds, lots of strike locations and lots of featured dino spawns. This would also solve the problem of regular dinos that are unreachable because they spawned under a strike tower.


Exactly. The treasure chests disappear after completion so why don’t the strike towers? I’m not a game developer but it would be great if they could disappear and turn into event dinos or just disappear all together so the trapped dinos can escape! We are supposed to be “saving” the dinos right? Can’t save em if they are trapped in a strike tower!!! :joy:

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