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Where did this creature go?

Everyone remembers the tournament for this aquatic creature right?

I finished in dominator league and the ability to purchase another through dna is absent. I cant see the creature in the market and that means i cant level up this creature.

Is anyone else having this problem?

Isn’t this Plotosaurus? Plotosaurus is sadly a VIP and VIP tourneys don’t give unlocks for the creature.


Wait they dont?? Then why have the tournament at all?

To get a “free” copy


Wow… that is just pathetic…

Anyways, thanks for the clarification friends

VIPs CANNOT be unlocked. You just got 1 copy.

Considering that you would normally have to pay 50K worth of LPs to get it (plus what you get back from the prize pack), I certainly wouldn’t consider it “pathetic”. It’s one of the benefits of the membership.