Where do I find more Quetzalcoatus?

Pteraquetzal is going to be the last legendary I will be making on my 2nd account but I don’t know what local Quetzalcoatus spawns in if any and these are not PvP arena incubator rewards. This is like Scolosaurus that has only been let out of the cage into the wild a couple few times now and we can’t put these in sanctuary’s yet.

I can begin to request Quetzalcoatus and ever so slowly transfer these from my primary account. I have enough there but it’s going to take a while but maybe a little less if any of my alliance members are willing to give up some. See if I can bribe them with some DNA they want.


From what I have been seeing in the alliance I’m in, Quetzel has quickly joined the coveted and never to be shared along with Tarbo, Vraptor, and Deinocheirus. There is supposed to be a chance in winning them after reaching Jurassic Ruins, but I have never seen it. Which is kind of annoying cause I have enough Pteranodon to level it up two or three levels.

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In parks…

I spent many a day in one working on my tenontorex, so I also amassed quite a bit of quetzo and pteranodon. Glad they became useful together!


Exactly this, when I was hunting tenonto… quetz kept spawning and I would growl. Now I’m really glad I still darted it lol.

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I have a drop-hopping route I take on my bike that takes me by a couple park locations and also a couple restaurant locations for Tarbo’s and Allos. These must be really rare. I’ll keep an eye out as I usually see the Sarcosuchus, Lythronax and Purrasaurus Gen 2.

If you get a rare scent and use it at the park you’re likely to get one. I get one almost everytime when I do it lol.

Honestly rare scents are best at the park. Too many rare options everywhere else.

I have one rare scent at the moment. I’ll have to give it a try. I should probably go park hopping 5 miles up and back down the river where I live as I can pass through 10 parks going up one side and down the other although there are a couple data dead zones. I can stop near a couple drops where I see some of the other park spawns and walk a scent back and forth between the two. Even a regular scent may spawn rares also.

Yeah you can’t go wrong really, tenonto or quetz will more than likely pop up from a rare scent. And indeed I do a couple common scents in the park also and got both tenonto and quetz from them aswell. Not as frequent but surely could be worth a shot.

Yeah, for the first time in ages I had a chance to use a rare scent in a park. One Quetz and two Tenonto, plus a bunch of other random dinos while walking. Definitely give it a shot.

I walked down to a park a quarter mile away, partly to get a treasure chest half way there and ran two 5 minute scents. I did get one Tenonto so it looks like there may be hope for getting what I need.

Like mentioned, Quetz is in parks. I take my rare scents and hope to get lucky.

If you specifically want Quetz more and not really Tenonto. Than park night hunts are where its at. I like to get both Tenonto and Quetz so I do day. My tenontorex is lvl 24 and my Orion could be lvl 23 if I wasn’t scared to level it over matchmaking lol.

So me and my wife went up to a larger park and we both did the 20 minute scents. We both got Tenonto’s and Quetz’s. After doing a rare scent, I did a scent tower that was just in reach and got another rare scent so I did the other rare scent also. I had two Quetz’s pop up on one spawn but after darting the first one, the other turned into a Dracorex. I had that happen several times. The 2nd one would turn into a Dracorex Gen 2. This park is in L2.

I was able to level my Quetz to 15 and did my first fuse on Pteraquetzal. I just made Dsungaia so I have 2 Legendary’s left to make and play as soon as I make them. I’m past half way to Koolabourgiana which I’ll most likely get next.

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A park in L2… that sounds like a wonderful, magical place. :heart_eyes: