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Where do I find t rex at


Need DNA for indomonious


Kinda everywhere, just keep moving at least 5 hours a day and you’ll get Indominus in no time. Make sure to farm enough V-Raptors during the night (around 30+ spawning in my neighborhood usually).

It’s best to move long distances to watch for Epics in a large area. So go by bike or vehicle until you spot something and walk the remaining meters to get close enough.


I suggest always keeping an eye out in neighborhoods they are usually always in there


I have only ever seen T. Rex in the center of downtown Austin, TX. Problem is I don’t get to go to Austin more than once every couple months. Happened to be there yesterday and saw a T. Rex but it was too far away and the opposite direction I was traveling and there was no way for me to be able to go get him. T. Rex should appear in other cities instead of only major metropolitan city centers, but I haven’t seen proof of that and I’m on enough that T. Rex should appear.


Trex can spawn literally at every single place anybdinosaur can spawn during the day. If you see a common there then there is a 0.01% chance each time it spawns that it will be a trex.


I’ve never seen one after 10:30pm, 2nd shift :crazy_face:




The irony; last I checked, Home Depot doesn’t serve food XD


They can spawn anywhere. They just have a higher spawn rate near restaurants. And home depot does have snacks and drinks at the checkout😉