Where do I find Wooly Mammoth?

Game says “Specific zones:all the time”
where is the specific zone?

Wolly Mammoth is a Local 2 all day spawn.

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You can also download the JWA Field Guide app. It has lots of useful information.

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Since the 4 zones rotate each month, you have to figure out which zone you are in based on certain creatures you see spawning around you. Then you can know if the Mammoth is a creature that spawns in the zone your in or when the next month you may see it.

If you know how the zones are laid out, you can walk, bike or dive to that zone and hope to see one. In my area, the zones are approximately 2 miles (3Km) square.

Here is a zone example where I live:
Once upon a time the zones didn’t rotate so I mapped out where the lines were as I road my bike around playing. I would ride to the zones where certain creatures were to get the ones I wanted. The bad thing for me is I live and work in a zone 1. I was really happy for the zones rotating.


Amazing thank you