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Where do I progress next?

I have started focusing on deepening my Tournament Line Up , any suggestions for where i should be looking at next? I have right now been focusing on grinding Modded PvP for Creatures,and for Monolophosaurus cause I want to go for Tapejalosaurus,as Monolophosaurus is not unlocked for me, but in my past 30 battles,I have only received 1 Kaprosuchus and 2 Ophiacodons,which seems really less for these matches,most of them were 200 DNA or 19000 food,which are kind of useless. I am not sure where I should be looking at next,cause the modded PvP matches are unable to fetch satisfactory responses. It will take me a while for purchasing any more creatures,as I just spent 29,400 DNA on another Indominus Rex. I feel like I can save my DB and then purchase Monolophosaurus through DB ,but that is much more expensive than what I spend usually,as I already have 4 Monolophosaurus from Modded PvP Matches,so I feel like grinding could help,but my luck has been down lately. Any suggestions?

You can try the first slot of lottery, where you can find monolauphosaurs, very often. You can get monolauphosaurs from there, And the rare rarity rumble event that comes every week, you can win one from there and of course modded pvp . But yeah this all depends on luck .

Hope this game had a live player to player trading feature, so that I could give you 4 out of my 9 monolauphosaurs that I’m not hatching. Hopefully you can can get them. If not , the last option for getting monolauphosaurs is by spending bucks which is not at all good. But there are other good Dino’s that are better than tapejalosaurous, and are worth trying in modded pvp.


I guess you are like 1-1.5 month behind me in this game. What I did there is focusing extremely on getting the Monolophosaurus. I tried to create Monostegotops and Tapejalosaurus as fast as possible. I also tried to do very many mod pvp, because in my opinion it is really worth it. But that for you need much money: So you max out the paddocks of Alangasaurus, Limnorynchus and Labyrintosaurus. This are all the common hybrids, which have a 30 minute time to collect money. Here you can see my current lineup some days ago:

As you see I upgrade every VIP creature to Level 20. The Masyodonsaurus got fused by accident. They are a good support for all my strong creatures above. Once I decided to make the carnoraptor with bucks, because I didn’t unlock the two ingredient creatures , but now I wouldn’t do this again. You should rather make level 20 Indominus Gen 1 and Gen 2, because you will need them anyways onces to create the Indoraptors. I think that was all I did the past 1.5 or even maybe 2 month. Now I am pretty happy with my lineup, some events are still hard, but it gets better every day. Feel free to ask something.


That is a solid tournament line!

My line up is a very deep beginner tournament line up centering between L40 T-Rex and L10 VIPs. Requires lots of battling due to high loss rate, but has a short cool down 7hours).

Plan to play 40 battles minimum in 3 days with your top Dinos.

Super hybrids are nice, but unless you have a lot of SDNA, going for one copy won’t help much. You need numbers.

What can you make 4 copies of that is stronger than L10 VIPs?


Soon I will make 4 lv 20 I-Rex Gen 2, because this will help my tournament and normal lineup deeper and I will need them anyways once for the Indoraptor Gen 2. I also will go for the Ostaposaurus soon. Farming SDNA via Mod PvP also helps building many copies of Superhybrids. So far I did like 45 wins in the tournament.

I can possibly try for getting Tropeogopterus and Ophiacomimus up,but not sure how worth it is? I will focus on Stegoceratops if you recommend so,I have most of my top dinos are carnivores. Stegoceratops is a viable option,I have 2300 Monostegotops DNA(not yet going there,but eventually will) I am currently grinding Modded PVPs for Suchomimus and Monolophosaurus, Mostly I have been getting only Sarcosuchus DNA in Modded PVPs,infact I have 380 Super DNA of it only from Modded PvP Matches. I just got my 2nd copy of Indominus Rex,so I have no DNA,only about 1100 . I am not purchasing more T Rexes because,I get loads in Golden Reward Packs and Rarity Rumbles(especially Rarity rumbles) .

If you have little DNA, options are limited. :wink:

You have two options:
Level 30 tournament Dino’s
Level 20 super hybrids (that have a ferocity above L10 VIPs, stegaseratops isn’t one of them)

The level 30 tournament guys take less DNA, but a lot of hatch time.

Given you lack of DNA, grinding PvP modded is your best short term choice. This will eventually yield L40 legendary and other hybrids.

I grinded the current tournament and got a lot of DNA too. Are you having success?

I’ve gotten DNA for almost every spin. Definitely got over 2k from tournament.

Mainly using my 470% coin trap to collect money. Lvl 58 rn, gonna reach 60 in a few days.

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Segnosaurus CoT coming up, win that and get a lvl 20 Segnosaurus which will be better than lvl 10 VIPs.

I see , i will take some time to decide,but will certainly. My best source of coin is my Alangasaurus Paddock,265k every half an hour. I guess I will go with Alangasaurus paddocks for now,cause then,I get a lot of coin and then I can use it in tournaments,so it is worth the investment. I could level my Ophiacomimus ,I also have the option of Stegoceratops. Confused. I think Stegoceratops is the direction I am looking at.

Stegoceratops mid-game is a not a good idea. Unless you can max it out and create Monostegotops…

I would say depend on the tournament and VIP creatures more. They generally have better DNA value than most hybrids, even Tapejalosaurus. Do AF trade for ~300 LP as custom every day, try to get a Solid Gold every 2 weeks.

I am doing that right now,I almost got one this week,I would have another VIP creature with me had I not accidentally purchased the earth park

Must’ve sucked. Payed 4,000 LP for 432,000 coins.

How do you know that?

The earth thing is no better than a Park Oasis but with one extra range. Park Oasis=432,000 coins.

I thought you predicted that I got only coins in all Cards of the pack.

I had not been doing much if any PvP for quite some time but after seeing several people post that they have good luck winning hybrids in the modded pvp i decided i would do a few a day and see how it goes.

Well on my game it has been trash, typically sdna, low DB’s and or low LP’s, i got 200 LP’s once, that was the best prize out of around 30 matches.

However, on my daughters game it has been a completely different story. 2nd match and i won a Rajastega, 4th a Diplotator, after a couple more a Spinoraptor. I have maybe done 12 matches on her game total. So quite a different prize outcome vs my game.

What is you coin production?

Your custom trade of coins to Dino can help. Either hang on to the Dino until you get a DNA offer or hatch it.

Often legendary Dino, sometimes hybrid for Jurassic if you have 99million coins. Don’t do it if you have less than 50million though.

LOL. That’s not what I meant but complete waste of LP.