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Where do they go?


So why if there are two dinos of different types close to each other and you catch one the other disappears. This happens all the time. There’s no way it’s the time running out.

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I see this far too often.

I always dart the closest first because of this startling phenomena.


Geeze I don’t know why a Dino saurs would run away after watching a Wierd flying thing start machine gunning darts and another dinosaur running for it life… Lol just saying


I use the black drone, they are silent.

Plus, we’re only extracting DNA, not harming any creatures.

Brings up the question: Exactly how are the darts recovered???


That’s simple. The darts are. 50 caliber and armor piercing. They painlessly shoot through the Dino and embed in the ground or trees rocks steel etc basically any soft non porous stubstrait like grannet.

It’s painless because it is fired at hyperbolic speeds from a rail gun. It’s simply to fast to be felt. But it uses a lot of power which is why it’s range is limited

If your wondering who does the retrieval it’s Bob… His last gig as the shark proof suit tester didn’t pan out.


Ahh, yes, the .50 cal AP darts.

I can see it now, that poor velociraptor innocently minding its own business when suddenly it ends up as a hole ridden and bloody mess on the ground.


/end amused sarcasm

(quick edit, that really did make me chuckle Faethor, don’t take the reply serious lol)


Science yes…

And when you get a head shot…


Come to think of it maybe our darts are why we don’t have any compys


I use nerf darts