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Where do we all play from?


Just wanted to know it just curious as to where everyone is from?
I’m in salt lake City Utah…


South London, England.


Holy cow! Nice to meet you @David_Courtney:grinning:


I’m not the infamous gangster. Or song writer or well anybody. :sunglasses:


Dubai, UAE. It’s so hot here in the summer it’s virtually impossible to walk outside when its 50 degrees Celsius. I have to drive around with someone to find my dinos. Sigh


From tropical Singapore!


I’m from Munich/Germany


Wow this is awesome I’m playing with friendly peeps all around the world!


South West UK, ruralish area


Montreal, Canada :raised_hands:


Columbus, OH in the best country in the world bald eagle screeches in the distance:joy:


Toronto, Canada~ Woohoo~~~~


From the Netherlands =)


North west England (lancashire)


Austin_rogers My new neighbour has just moved from here she been telling me how lovely it is x


A tiny town in North Carolina :slight_smile:


My best friend also lives there and she loves it there @Democraticdonkey


Gloucester in the UK


Yeah it’s a pretty nice diverse state. I’m not fond of the humidity tho. @Sandra64


Outside Charlotte, NC, USA😊