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"Where do we go from here"?

[ Bonus points for naming the show in which the subject was the ensemble song in the show’s musical episode ]

I know various threads have touched on this but as a forum regular I wanted to say where I am now.

I love this game and have put a lot of time and effort in; I am VIP but have spent less than £100 in total and am not prepared to spend other than VIP now; I am Level 17 with 8 creatures still to collect - I am a completist.

Finally unlocked Monomimus and Indoraptor (the latter was frankly an exhausting slog) but what now?

In the arena I am hovering around 4100-4200 which is where I was before the first tournament. I and my team have improved but so has everyone else around me - literally running to stand still.

I have one final Legendary close to creation and one unique close to being able to start fusing - the other 6 are way out of reach at this point. I have over 60 creatures ready to level up but none I would consider useful.

I’m not at the point of saying I am going to quit but I am struggling to see where the motivation is going to come from now. Yes Indoraptor seemed an eternity away a few months back but there were other things to collect and aim for alongside other than just leveling up.

So, where do I go from here?

Apologies for the ramble … its Sunday.

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Buffy 10101010

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I am having a similar struggle. Im working on Indoraptor, about 4200 trophies but I dont go out and play much, there simply isnt that much motivation for me to spend an afternoon darting. I mentioned months back that the game doesnt feel as social as it should, Ive never bumped into anyone playing. I use to play with my girlfriend but she lost interest a while back. The bottow line for me is its a lot of work for very little return. For now I am still enjoying the game but I have noticed how much that is true has diminished


There are plenty of things to do but it depends on what you like to do.

I won’t stop until my Dino are all level 30, unlocking all is almost done and it’s not one of my goal honestly.
I just enjoy playing, walking around discovering epics with the same thrill each time.
I like battling to, I have to fight to keep my rank because the competition is fierce and I like it.

I like to see new bluffs, new strategies and it’s always changing.

I agree that if your only goal is to unlock them all, the best to enjoy the game longer is to not rush. Take time to collect and enjoying your hunt sessions, this way you’ll always have an objective without burning out. And by the time you unlock the current one, they probably release new one allowing you to have new goals :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have been thinking similar thoughts. In addition battles have become increasingly boring, though a necessary evil.

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I don’t see battles becoming boring on the contrary but I guess it depends on the level.

There are few opponents I can battle so it’s always interesting to see how they play since I see always the same names, what they change in their teams, etc…

I’m never going to be good enough to compete in the tournament so I only battle for capsules. If you get on a loosing streak, and it happens to us all, you can find yourself battling for an hour when all you want is a capsule.

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Save your coins from levelling up your existing dinos. Use them to create new ones, legendos, uniques. That’s what worked me out at the time. I am looking forward to obtaining my 2nd unique, it will probably help my rank up a bit more.

You are the marketing division of Ludia’s dream come true.

I know where you’re coming from though, minus having an indoraptor yet. Well said.

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I just want to collect the actual dinosaurs and the two hybrids from the films (got my Indominus already). Hybrids I’ll create if I ever get enough but I’m not going out of my way to get them. Until they fix the Arena matchups I won’t play it as much. I just enjoy getting out and looking for those dinosaurs - only two to go!

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I’m also a Completionist and I’ve come to realize that this game may be a bit of a nightmare for Completionists because we will never actually reach our goal as they continue to add new dinos

My alternate goal is to get my favorite dinos (not my battle team necessarily) to level 30. However, that’s really more a luxury than a goal since I’m unable to really relax and enjoy a game without completing the collection first (I’m that way with Pogo too)

The only solution in this case is to shift focus and mindset by having a different goal outside of saving them all, not everyone is able to do that but it is an option


@PQC Perhaps set another goal for yourself while still going for the complete set of Dinos?

Drop down to where you can use more of a variety of Dinos. Create a team of common, rare or Epic to battle with. You will be able to switch up teams regularly with much more variety to choose from.

Bring everything up to level 15. Change them up regularly for variety. Have some fun with battles. At least you will not be using the same 8… all… the…. Time….

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When a game starts to feel like a job, I get burnt out and quit cold turkey and can never get into it again like Pokemon. Finally deleted that but I would pop it open now and then and couldn’t see how I thought tossing balls at Pokemon was any fun. Burnout is a killer for me. The weather is getting cold now so going out isn’t appealing. I dropped the VIP and am forcing myself to play much more casually. I’m trying not to get burnt out and may pick this back up in the spring after the snow melts. Back to inside console games for the time being.

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“The battles done and we kinda of won, so we sound our victory cheer.”

Great frickin episode.