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Where do you find your fun?

After all, this is a game, and typically games are meant to be fun.

So, where do you find your fun? I like to play teams of unusual dinos, and level up non-meta things that can leave an opponent wondering what just happened to them when I win! Hunting is losing its luster, mostly due to the daily spawn mechanic. I like coming across important stuff any time, any day. Waiting to see if the epic rush August is worthwhile or just lip service from Lydia.

I also want to create all the dinos, and with diplo being this months daily I will!!

So - since we all know what makes the game suck these days, what is it that keeps the game fun for you?


Alliance missions.
I’ve went from hitting 51% of a blue bar and stopping, to getting 1/16th to 1/8th and NEVER knowing if I pulled it off.
It’s added a whole new level of competition.
We really need alliance leaderboards.
I’m curious if Reddit2 is in the top 50.


I hunt a lot (1-2 hours a day), have my home spawns too and 4 supplies. Whenever I catch an epic, it’s a really good hunt. I buy rare scents or now themed scents if I like what’s in them. The Stego scent was good for the Wuerho dna.
In arena I too like to play unusual stuff.

Dat kapro:

I like to use him as an anti-rat swap in (pretty much guaranteed to hit first) when I know the rat is low on HP and it thinks it can kill my Utasino.


  • i like AR. one of the most important “extra” feature for me. i love to take pictures with AR dinos. thanksfully ludia fixed S7 AR.

  • i love friendly battles. without tension aspect with loosing or winning trophies, it’s a free battle with non boosted (wow) and equal level creatures. nice to try creatures without having to lvl them up or boosting too. unfortunately people doesn’t like friendlies much, than i challenge and get a refuse and i am always afraid to be bothering players… :confused:

i liked battles and strike towers more before boosts and matchmaker. if ludia was a company that cares for community opinions, should remove boosts and change back to old matchmaker. but i doubt. then i battle almost for obligation nowadays, waiting if they save arena someday.

mmm, interesting. you talk about a sum of all members trophies and board of alliance total score, or what kind of score?

Starting this week I’m playing theme teams. This week is Commons only and I’ll have fun with that. Next week I plan on all Rares, and then Epics. I’ll skip Legendary and Unqiue as I don’t play hybrids, and instead I’ll do something like Jurassic or Cretaceous only. Might even go sauropod or stegosaurus only. Playing the Arena for the fun value is the way I’m going for a little while.

Yep. Right there with that idea.

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Isn’t playing the arena for fun value a bit like a football team saying they don’t care if they win or not? Playing a team full of kids or oldies and generally not giving a hoot? Fun for a while, sure, but no longevity surely?

I love getting a win in the arena, especially as I refuse to use the rat. And a win against a team that uses it is even better! The joy when someone swaps it in to kill my Tryko and failing is priceless.

I love to dart epics as much now as I ever did, even though I rarely level up my dinos now. And hitting level 5 on alliance missions is always a buzz.

There’s plenty keeping me playing this game, despite Ludias best efforts to ruin it. I cling to the hope that die hards like me will eventually have a voice and they may undo the debacle that is matchmaking.


For some people maybe. I’ve never cared for the competitive nature of the Arena. I play it for the incubators and that’s it. It also depends what you came to the game for. Myself, I came here to hunt and level up dinosaurs. I really don’t like how hybrids have taken over the game.

So, with that in mind I just play for the fun of the Arena. Win or lose. Fun is what it is all about. However, you get it. :slight_smile:

I’ve had a ton of fun recruiting the past couple days :wink:


If I grow bored of a dino, I swap something else out for it. I got bored of my DC, so I put in dioraja for it. I got bored of my indor (this was before the dodge nerf) so I dropped it for spyx. I got bored of dilorach, so I dropped it for orion. Don’t regret any of those decisions, and now I’m having fun with my team of slightly unconventional dinos, and I love every single one of them!


Collecting. I love opening incubators and getting enough to fuse one of the final dinos I need.

Battling for fun… On rare occasions I find someone who doesn’t have a super powered Dracocera, and then the battles are actually fun.


I enjoy the small tournaments, even the ones with Draco (kind of) allowed. I really enjoy the ones on a more even playing field. Those are more based on skill and It doesn’t matter how much money (or tapjoy offers) you’ve done. Everyone has a slightly larger chance to win.

But we already know the winners. :stuck_out_tongue:


I stopped playing for Rank a while back. Since then, it’s all fun for me.
. . . Except DC. But even that doesn’t bother me like it once did.
I play however I feel like playing at any given moment.


How high did you get on your alliance missions in your one man alliance?
I don’t think I got to see the results.

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It went/is going meh. I’ll do great until I finish Rank 3, then I see those big Rank 4 numbers and the laziness kicks in lol.
I could probably do it, but I don’t really feel like it.
It’d require hunting like I did for the first few months of the game. I’m not really down for that these days.

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Then there are those 2000 battles. Oof…

Pretty awesome you can get that high on your own. That’s dedication right there!

20% dedication.
80% compulsion.


Starting a second account a couple months ago has really refreshed the game for me.
I feel like I’m playing the game right, whereas on my first account I had no idea what I was doing and just leveled everything up to 13 regardless of what I needed to fuse. Once I hit level 10 on my second account, I dropped all my boosts on Procera and I haven’t lost since :joy:

Also I can’t take a team of level 16 into Aviary on my main account :skull_and_crossbones:

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I really enjoy strike towers as I use dinosaurs I normally wouldn’t use. I also enjoy hunting in the afternoon/at night when it’s cooler out. That’s probably it. I don’t really like the arena since it’s usually rat filled and, while I don’t hate the rat, I don’t like playing agianst it continuously. I also like fusing for hybrids as weird as it sounds but it makes me have a goal in the game.

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