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Where do you stand on the Dracoceratops situation?

  • I love it the way it is, I use it, and I’m not afraid to say it!
  • I don’t really care about it, or if it changes or not.
  • I use it and kinda like it, but I admit this SIA thing needs change.
  • I use it in the current meta, but I don’t like it. This has to stop.
  • I hate that #&@$# rat and I refuse to use it!

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I use it, but I don’t enjoy using it nor do I dislike using it. Does that make sense?


I think if it stays this way, other dinos need a few buffs. So that there is a true counter that makes draco users truly fear at times. I keep saying it, because they have the same fuse types monolometrodon should be one if its kryptonite. Swap in pin or something! Just give a defense and its cool.




Where’s the option “There is no situation”?


When we see one or more new topics about it practically every day, there’s definitely a “situation” :smile:


All they have to do is change it to a basic swap in rampage rather than shattering rampage, and it would more balanced. As it stands it is overpowered and broken.


Yeah there’s more than one way to fix this, and that is one for sure… It would be way better, especially because I don’t think it makes sense something in SIA that the dino can’t do in its own normal moves!


People always whine about something. If there was no DC they’d be whining about something else. This isn’t a situation, it’s just the normal state of things.


There is no DC situation. You either adapt to play what Ludia gives us or you don’t. Next update will be something else that is not Draco and you will have to adapt again. And again, and again. That’s what keeps the game alive, luckily.


The situation is because of the amount of complaints, which is way way higher than normal “whining”. It’s even higher than the complaints about the old OP dinos back in the day, Stegod, Monomimus or any other I’ve seen. So that can’t be considered “normal”. As I’ve answered I kinda like the sneaky rat, but we can’t deny it’s a polemical dino.


I use it because I am forced to use it… sometimes it is a big disadvantage not to have it…

Do I want it changed? No I don’t, because now that the meta forced me to pour coins into it, I don’t wanna see it become worthless again as it has happened with so many other dinos…


My bet is that this will happen. They didn’t change DracoG2 SIA just to make us think that this is here to stay and start leveling it up, but I don’t think it will last. One day, maybe soon, we’ll see Dracocera become just a minor legendary, only strong if its level is higher than opponent’s, like it happens to Monolometrodon.

what do i think of it??


I’m totally against the swap in attack. Doesn’t matter if it’s a common or a unique, no dino should have that power


It will be nerfed, just like raptors. People will then whine about all of the coins they spent and want them back.


What’s happening is there are a vocal minority that make like ten accounts a day each and create new topics in the hope ludia will change something meaning they don’t have to spend their coin on a new Dino or team. Meanwhile the larger percentage of players just get on with it and don’t see it as anything wrong because we where here for the raptor, stegod,mono, bleeder days etc and we will be here after the day of the drac too because we have learned to power up everything and focus on skilled play rather than waste time whining on the forums! If this was not the case it would have been nerfed already! Obviously the drac users are spending loads and continue to upgrade their Dino’s while all those with last ed major teams at lvl 30 just play to pubstomp during arena time and don’t spend in game resources on anything and just whine when they have to update their teams!!!


That wouldn’t solve anything. No dino should have that ability.



Vocal minority is a distinct possibility.

It happens, it’s effective.
I notice plenty of the same users, and fresh new accounts complaining.
The troubling thing for me is the sheer number of threads made, and they aren’t merged by the mods. Other threads are merged into a single thread that aren’t even similar.


The “Stop battle this day” thread at this point suggests it is indeed a vocal minority, by far.