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Where do you stand on the Dracoceratops situation?

“I’m sure they will nerf DC this time!”

Yeah, another 3 months or more of this BS


Right now i hate thor even more then Dc when a thor can wipe out 3 dinos without you even had a turn,that means something is very very wroung
Thor,dc and green chicken are cancerous for another 2-3 months
Good job Ludiots

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Me too. DC takes most of the blame, but the combination with these Thorfreaks is what makes it more infuriating…

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If BBKUANG is on here, I’m sorry for that use of DC. I wasn’t paying attention to the timer and it was auto selected. After that mess up, I had no choice but to stun/rampage/swap all three of your dinos.

I just found out that Lord Lythronax makes an appearance if you make it to the end of the Campaigns: [News] Jurassic World Alive | Campaign Missions, so guess who will be coming out to play? Don’t worry though, this abomination will go back into hiding as soon as I’m done. I DON’T want it tainting my team and causing more people to leave the game!

EDIT: forgot about the 60% armor, so nevermind!

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I have a feeling DC was the brainchild of the owner of the company! Try and tell your boss you don’t like his idea and you will be working for EA! :joy::joy::joy:


Good luck using it against 60% armor.


It’s been so long since I did the original Lord Lythronax strike that I forgot about that! Thanks for the heads-up!

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Since utasino got that crit impact buff, it can now revenge kill DC turn 1. 1600 base damage x 1.875. I’m sure a good number of people have a high level/ boosted utasino.

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When are you kicking out the rat ? All the gameplay is focused on “has he got a rat ?” “My creature has still enough hp to not be oneshooted by a rat ?”
90% of the fights rat is in game, and each fight turn around this rat. It’s really really really boring, especially when you fight level 30 rat as your team is around 25, you know your dead…


Somehow I doubt they will ever get rid of the rat. After all, it gets them more $$$ from people who buy boosts.

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There were countless numbers of battles that I lost because I swapped out my strongest (damaged) creature, afraid that it would get ratted and didn’t (and I wouldn’t have anything else to deal with the freak in front of me, usually a super Thor, not to mention the rat itself)… Just as I’ve lost many because I didn’t swap and the rat came.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… This blind guessing game is RIDICULOUS! It doesnt make any sense! It’s easily the most stupid thing I’ve ever seen in a game of this sort.


Since the MM is all over the place, today I’ve been facing an increasing amount of DCs that are level 26+ with 4khp+. I literally cannot defeat these ones unless I have my Thor handy (and even then, guess what? Without a crit, DC gets a hit in and legs it, usually back to an injured dino before swapping straight back out again).

Isn’t the point of a glass cannon to be fast enough to cause distraction, allowing it to manage against heavy hitters? That’s what really gets me. DC ruins a lot of glass cannons in this game.


Exactly. Before the Swap in Rampage “Era”, I was always exited to show off my newly created Dino in Arena even if it was not as leveled as my other team members. But I am not able to do that now. I have a Dilocherius and a Spyx in the bench that I can’t use it in a PvP. Every Dracotops I encounter have more than 3000 SI Rampage exept maybe one or two. Will not be able to even make a single move. That’s very sad thing.


I don’t even discuss the damaging SIA anymore, cause some higher ups at Ludia’s HQ seem to be in love with this stuff, so I give up on that. But, the rat shouldn’t have Regen… or at least it should have Velociraptor’s HP… or Gallimimus’s HP, tops!

I can understand the belief that these moves are necessary… It really is lame when a creature super strong appears and you have no hope of doing anything against it… The rat gives you that hope… BUT, allowing it to easily come and go and keep doing it again is absurd.


I think we should see opponent’s 4 dinos before battle, but until then, swapping to your own dino with SIA is often an option and a less risky play. Quetz/monosteg/DC come to mind.

Speaking of, why aren’t people complaining about Monosteg? :sweat_smile:

For me, it’s because, whilst annoying, it’s still only 1x damage, plus a potential stun. I’d rather someone swap in with that, because it gives my glass cannons a chance to actually do something.

Monosteg’s swap in is a perfect example of an actually balanced swap in move (or in my opinion it is, anyway).


Baldcat is the answer to the rat. swap in stun, eat, catnap