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Where Does A LV 20 Acro Fit In My Battle Menu?

I don’t want to accidentally ruin my game balance. For context, my strongest dinos from highest ferocity to lowest is a LV 10 Erliphosaurus, LV 40 T-rex, LV 40 Diplotator, and LV 30 Yutyrannus.

Where would a LV 20 VIP dino like Acrocanthosaurus fit?

Welcome to the Forum. An Acrocanthosaurus level 20 would be above the Tyrannosaurus but not that disruptive to unbalance your Lineup.

So, it’d be right below my LV 10 Erliphosaurus hybrid then.

Correct. :+1:


1998 + 763 x 3.2 = 4439, 6 Ferocity

And t rex is 3561.4