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Where does JW Alive rank on your mobile gaming list?

I play a few mobile games daily and I’ve been playing this game for around 2 years. It has been my favourite daily game for 2 years, great run. However since I’m peaking out in the current game meta and because of an overall lack of changes in game play, it’s lost it’s top spot. More of a habit/chore to play than an enthusiastic play. Where does game rank for you in the scramble for our valuable attention these days?

I hope 3.0 vaults it back to the top spot. You can do it Ludia, c’mon!



Ironically this is the only mobile game I play but it’s slipped behind random YouTube videos, walking the dogs with music playing or just putting my phone away. I keep thinking I don’t love the game anymore and I’m not sure it ever truly loved me but habit is a hard thing to break so we just go on pretending everything is ok… but that only last so long before you realize you wasted years on a video game relationship that wasn’t meant to be


This is the only mobile game I play daily.

My list is JW the game, JW alive, Mortal kombat, Call of duty,

For my mobile game list, Jurassic World Alive is tied for 1st place with Dragon City, Minecraft Bedrock Edition for 2nd, Jurassic World: the Game for 3rd, and Subway Surfers for 4th

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Toss up between Pokemon Go and JWA.
Currently JWA is #1

1,since my phone has low memory i can only play jwa.

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Its #2, #1 is a Nintendo DS Emulator so I can get my Soul Silver and Emerald game play on.

It really depends on your definition of mobile gaming for me because for me it gets muddy real fast.

If we’re talking apps exclusive to a mobile device jwa comes in at second place currently.

But as an Apple Arcade subscriber I play a large amount of these games on either my iPad or Apple TV simply for the larger screen and games like Cozy grove, Fantasian, and Wonderbox have all taken up more of my time lately then any other mobile title…

There’s also Games like Minecraft which I play on a huge variety of devices including mobile, pc, and multiple consoles.

I would say Alive and The Game are tied for first spot in my case, however if you count Park Builder then that would be first :eyes:

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I have played many other mobile games but JWA is the only one that I have stayed with. Other games just turn into boring grind or massive paywalls to unlock characters you want. I can’t stand that. JWA has dinosaurs (yay!) and gets me out the house walking/exercising, and I thoroughly enjoy it.


Jwa is my go to mobile game but in second it would be clash of clans

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JWA is my number one game to play


While it does have some Frustrating moments, Jurassic World Alive for me, for a mobile game, is pretty fun and definitely is a game that is my go to play like it was with Pokémon Go.


The only mobile game I play.

I don’t really play any other mobile game these days, aside from Pokémon Go. I’ve downloaded a lot of games, but I quickly remember why I hate mobile gaming and end up deleting them a few weeks later.

That said, the amount of supply drops alone is enough to make JWA top PoGo. I always expected PoGo to someday realize that not everyone can get to their local town center every day, but they never did.