Where exactly are they rare triceratops cuz i want DNA


Trying to make a difference


I used to find a trike whenever I needed it most to level up my stegoceratops, so my advice is to get out and search for them whenever you can.


What is a trike? A tracker??


Triceratopo is spawing in the day as a global spawn, so you can see them almost everywhere. You just need to be patient and take a look around, I suggest you to take a bus and have a trip in your city so that you can safety search them.

Apart from this, there are a so called “nests” so particular places in which there is a high probability to see them. For triceratopi, they are attracted by gas station.

Happy hunting!


Thanks for that, I only need 4 sinoceratops DNA to unlock from my 3 attempts in the event and I have no clue where to look and that chart is a huge help.


Some of that is wrong though… I’ve seen and caught Velociraptors in day time. I’ve seen and caught triceratops at night. I’ve seen all the raptors at day actually… Except pyro - never seen that one.


Tricerotops can be find around parks for me… And sinocerotops is an epic rare which is super rare in terms of spawning… I find t rex more then him.


This is the often global spawning, of course the are some exceptions and this is the reason why I said “high probability”, not certainty :sweat_smile:

Plus, there is a migration going on, so we are not sure where dinos will spawn, just assuming on our experience. :relaxed:


they say they spawn at gas stations but ive been there and nothing


Outside my house… :slight_smile: