Where find Triceratops?


I cant seem to find Triceratops anywhere ? I have strange 90 out of 100 but i dont remember how i got those as it never spawns for me, i go to parks, city etc where are u supposed to find it at what kind of place easiest ? so frustrating needing 10 dna only to unlock :frowning:


Everywhere usually during afternoon before night, i get tons of triceratops daily


They’re all over at my place :joy::joy:

This was about 3am this morning


Even know there’s a rare one just down the road


okay i guess im not as lucky, i get Velos that spawn near me at night , so i dont seem to have a velo nest close :frowning:

my view atm seems weird i got 90 of the rare but when i walk daily now i cant find a single one lol…


You probably got the Rare Triceratops DNA from the 8 hour, 12 hour, or 24 hour battle arena incubators or any incubators you might have purchased. I am fairly certain that each rare and higher dinosaur and maybe even some common dinosaurs will only start spawning in the wild once you reach a certain level or higher. You are only level 6, so you probably won’t start seeing the rare Triceratops until around 8 or 9 if my memory serves me correctly, and it will get slightly more common with each level you gain. I’m level 11 and there are still some days where I don’t see any, but other days I might find 4 or 5. The rare Triceratops only spawns during the daytime under normal circumstances (meaning you may find one at night if there is a “nest”), while the Triceratops Gen 2 spawns at night and is very common.

It may not even be possible to find a rare or epic in the wild before you have created it. I would love to know for sure, so if any of you have found in the wild a rare or epic that you have not yet created, please let me know!


I think the rares/epic being spotted more based on your level is correct and it does make sense.
You don’t want to fight with the commons and need hybrids and many of they hybrids need rare DNA to fuse.
I just reached level 6 and have started seeing lot of rares and even a couple of epics in same day. Earlier hardly used to see a rare, forget an epic. Anyways capturing them is also challenging compared to commons. I strongly feel some dinosaurs like T-Rex run faster and since their body-area is bigger, finding the bullseye on different body-part is tougher. Also, the max DNA you get decreases as rarity increases.


I first collected T Rex DNA at level 2 (or so) lol #Echoed


Uploading… Only crocs where I live


Rare Trikes spawn in habitat areas where you will find other ceratopsians like Einiosaurus and sinoceratops. It’s a rare spawn, but has a Gen 2 variant you might see more often.

I usually see big Trikes during really early morning hours, or closer to nightfall. Apparently, they don’t much enjoy the heat of midday, like their einiosaur cousins…


And the crocs come out around midday here, my area of town is apparently the wetlands habitat (or as I call it, “the Swamp”). Then there’s “Hadrosaur hills”, which is slightly to the north of here, with lots of dinos you would expect on grassy plains or in the foothills of the headlands. Closer to downtown is where the big carnosaurs hunt during daylight hours. This area is comprised of the biggest hills in town, and has a high concentration of Tarbos over by the Chili’s. There tend to be T-rex Gen 2 and the occasional sinoceratops over by the baseball stadium on game days (you think they’re there for the $.10 beer night?)…


Usually koalasuchus or dimetron, but sometimes there are lots of those, just connect to wifi it is 17;39 central Europe time .


I once came home to cool off a bit, and a big trike spawned in my front yard. Here at midday, 12pm Central Daylight Time, USA, the heat is around 100°F, or roughly 40°C. The humidity is around 98%, and there’s no breeze. Basically a bad time all around. I still darted that Trike, though…


There they are, coalasuchus next to triceratops. 17:42


Yeah, I’ve seen that here as well. Depending on the spawn area, I’ve seen rare dinos pop up close to one another like this.


Usually will get around 10+ rare. Tri’s a day. There a daytime spawn only. Switching to Gen 2 tri at night. Also lvl has nothing to do with its spawn increase, I had my rare tri ready for hybrid boosting at lvl 6.


sucks, i dont get them in incubators i win from arena or they spawn… not sure how i got 90 of them lol… mystery…

all ludias fault…


there is more likely to happen(gas station). here are more creatures like triceratops, einiasaurus, einiasuchus, sinoceratops, stegoceratops. for example, at 5 o’clock 1 tricerayops. then there is a higher probability here.
I needed triceratops to improve stegoceratops. I called to go to the gas stations. It was not all but I found it.


I found almost any Epic in the wild before creating (Erliko, Ourano, T-Rex, Pyroraptor, Postimetrodon …).

Same for the lower rarities of course.


Yeah, exactly. Tricera is one of the most common Rares (together with Edmonto, Gorgo, Koola 2nd Gen and Dimetrodon … Dilopho at night).

I have some good spots in my neighborhood always spawning the same Rares. And when I go out for them, I often get 5+ of the same in maybe half an hour (forgot to take a screen when 2x Utah were there).