Where for art thou Spino G2

I’m pretty much down to my last 10 dinos to create. All bar one are uniques. The exception being Spinosaur Gen 2. It’s pretty annoying actually as this is only an Epic and I haven’t had any dna from this illusive girl in at least 3 months. Where is it??? Does anyone know if this is an incubator only dino?

It’s in L3. I’ve seen around a lot more often actually

At least bar two actually because nobody has Diplodocus yet

When you say L3 do you mean arena 3?

And true point on Diplocaulus - referring to the dinos I have the ability to create :blush:

Local 3… and yes they are spawning way more since 1.5

Local 3, come on down. It’s our curse, but it’ll be your blessing I guess lol.

Ah that’s just mean man haha! Are you guys using a way to locate each local location? Other than the obvious of Dino spawn. I mean when I look at meta hubs L3 location of spawns I know I’ve been sitting in L3 zones but still not a spino G2 insight! Maybe it hates me

Y’all talking about Spino G2 being in L3? I live in L3, and I don’t see her at all. I see the Epic Spino, but not the Rare Spino.

The epic spino is Spino 2. The rare spino is in L4

Whoops, sorry. I meant the other way around /^^

I live in 3 as well and honestly didn’t see it or even unlock it until about 2 months ago. Now I see it a lot more often. Especially compared to the Monolophosaurus and Erlikosaurus that are unicorns even for L3 dwellers.

I do think it’s all down to right place right spawn time but plus 3 months without any sighting is excessive. Would be awesome to see some sort of location indicator so you know where you are when out on a darting spree

I saw Erlikosaurus the other day. Granted, she was 145 meters away, but who cares! I darted her so good, she had to have wished she wasn’t in my range xD

She is somewhat more fashionably late than straight up unicorn - she makes you think that she’ll show up in decent time, but next thing you know, she’s several hours days late. Then right when you decide to cancel, she shows up all golden and crap, posing like - “didcha miss me?” >/<

Feels like my gen2 spino will forever be on level 11.