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Where have all my coins gone?

Played JW yesterday when out and about and had over 400,000 coins. Come on JW today and I have 920 yes, just 920. Where have my coins gone and why. Another reason for me to give up on this game.

Does somebody else have access to your mobile phone?

Leveled up any dinos by accedent? I did that before and lost out on 50000 coins

Call me Mr. Cynical, but something smells more fishy than a fish market.


U used them

I got paid on Friday I only went to the bar… Where is my money?


No. If was on my person all day.

No. Didn’t upgrade any dinos yesterday either

I haven’t upgraded any dinos, I haven’t had anyone else using my mobile, and I only played 2 battles. I was out and about collecting. Came on today to try and get some more dna and first Dino I try to upgrade tells me I don’t have enough coins. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Did you log in to your account? Maybe you got logged in as guest accidentally.

Checked my game today and have an extra 399,080 coins…thanks @TreyBon264


Lol :grin: I wouldn’t even know how to gift anything lol

So, you went to the bar & the next day you were “missing” some cash…how long were you there and how much did you drink? :thinking:

I’m lucky, when I drink I just send silly text msgs and like people’s fb posts.

Better to just lose some cash at the bar then wake up with something beside you you regret…lol


I’m not sure what might have happened @TreyBon264, but if you reached out to our support team here at with your support key, our team can take a closer look into your account and see what could have happened to your coins.

Thanks Ned. Email sent :blush: