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Where have all the dinos gone?

This is on a bustling college campus!

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I work on a college campus. Pretty much the same here as well. Very disappointing since I like to hunt on my lunch break. I usually have to rely on scents.


Pretty vacant around my work too and haven’t seen a single creature across the road at the park.

We would have heard asteroids. :wink:


It’s pretty empty around here today too. Even the green event drops are few and far between. Normally I have several on the way home and today just two!

Normal day at work for me. I dart everything and wait for the respawns.

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Maybe the increase in quantities of items from supply drops came at the expense of few wild spawns. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And I also have noticed a dramatic reduction in the number of wild spawns this week.

On a college campus you say??

You may be chasing the wrong thing :wink::grin:


Not according to my wife. :smirk:

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:grimacing: In that case, I really hope she’s not on this forum :sweat_smile: :innocent: apologies and best of luck to you both! :family_man_woman_girl_boy:


I think I read about that somewhere on the internet. Must be true

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Yeah, nothing but event dinos and a lone dimetrodon G2 around here right now… sigh

So much for things getting better.

Not sure what you are all not seeing. This is my view from work while I wait on the printer. LOL