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Where have all the Utahraptors gone when you need them


Now I might be wrong but as I have hardly seen any Utahraptors recently I am wondering if the spawn rate has been subtly and temporarily decreased… Oh look I found the Utahraptors hiding behind a pay wall…

This will only give you 2.5 trys at Utahsinoraptor (and probably get 10 DNA a pop) which is pretty gross tbh


I have found a good bunch of Utahs, regardless of this :wink: sometimes its just bad luck or bad timing of the day


I would see a couple of utahraptors a day, depending on location. For the longest time, it felt like the global rare utahs spawned the least amount. This rare incubator is definitely not worth it, and rather a rip off. 500 dna is nothing… I can average 360s+ on darting a single utah lol, what’s with the greed? Dont waste your money, the extra rare dna is probably aswell :put_litter_in_its_place: :rofl:

The $10 incubators are only really good if they include the 1200 cash.


I haven’t noticed a drop in them. I see a few every night.

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It must be just me then. NP


Utahraptor? I’ve never had a problem with this guy… Always see a bunch daily… always have.


Yeah yeah go on, rub it in


The lesson hear is catch grab everything and dart is like it’s the last one you will ever see, especially something as useful as Utah’s. No matter how common a dino is atm, come the next migration they may disappear completely.


I feel like Utah has really become less common lately, but that’s even before that money-grabbing started

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Definately less Utah out there for close to a week and it made sense after I seen the special deal. Ugh…

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I see two on the map (both of of range) and have darted multiple daily, so…

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I want that dna pliis. Hehe

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Hmmm… methinks you are Ludia’s utahraptor planted shill.


Not in Utah. That’s for sure.


Aha, there you are!


You can average 360’s on the Utah Raptors? That is some mighty fine shooting there. At level 20 that is at least 14 direct hits each time on a creature, that has three different target spawn spots,. I think that makes it almost impossible to get 15 hits in ever. If you could make a you tube video of your shooting, I promise it will get at least 1000 hits.

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Thanks @Whitecat31, Im no where near the best, but I’d be happy too :smile: I’ve made a couple darting videos before, and I would be to down to make videos on any requested dino.

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I get 15 shots on utah everytime. Not hard hitting all 15, but perfect is a bit hard. Easier to 390 a kapro imo


Well playing pretty much all day today and I had a grand total of… four… utahraptors! Go figure :roll_eyes:


And they’re back!