Where have Ankylosaurus & Kentrosaurus gone?

I haven’t seen a single one in weeks now! Has this something to do with migration? It’s not that cold in Florida come on! :roll_eyes:

In South Wales, u.k and they aren’t here either, probably gone down south for the holidays, don’t blame them but at least say when you’re back innit haha , guess my :crossed_fingers: for an event soon lol

I haven’t seen an Ankylosaurus that wasn’t gen 2 for about three months now. I’ll add it to the list of “unicorns” in the game right now.

I found a couple of Anky like a week ago right near each other, and one today while on the bus. Needless to say I got them all lol.

Edit: Im from Aussieland btw, where is warm so yeah, maybe they went south LOL!

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I see Kentro regularly, but never see Anky.

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i have seen at least one anky.
i think kentrosaurus is a myth :thinking: :face_with_monocle:

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I thought they were with you?

I wonder more. Also saw none but instead 4 raja so far this week. Can they prey on anky??

I dont think I’ve ever darted a Kentro and ive been playing since July-ish?

They’re all in texas for the warm weather.

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i’ve seen both in koreatown, in the early afternoon, if you are ever in that area.

i mean i have them. mostly from events/incubators. got dio to 23 so anky not so rare. but kentrosaurus has me stuck at 120/250 on tryk for a while with no end in sight :sob:

Well I must say Ludia must have heard/read this because just today I found two Kentro and one Anky on my commute to work :rofl:!

Good one Ludia! Good one! :raised_hands:t3: Keep it up!


Sometimes this work! Externalize negative thoughts so you can free yourself and karma repays you :rofl:


Kentro is the epic next weekend…