Where have the dinos gone?


Has anyone else found that for last 4 days there have been half as many dinos around? Every hour there use to be 4 to 5 around my house now there is 1 or 2 at the very most otherwise none except maybe 300 yards away.


not really since im always around 14 different dinosaurs when im in house, but they did change some dinosaurs around im seeing alot more epics and rares in my area


Also seeing a lot more rares and epics.


Same here. Saw a significant increase around my house after the “mitigation” notice. Now it’s back to maybe 1 within range.


Yes. More rater/epic ones. But normals are gone. Btw after 9pm there are more rare Dinos outside.


It has changed for sure… However… Perhaps their not spawning fast enough! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m actually seeing far fewer epics (like 2 in tje past week, as opposed to 6 or 7), and the same number of rares but different species. Commons seem slightly diminished. It defibitely feels like there are fewer on my path, too.


Pergaps there slowing the game around???


you’re the guy who posted a screen shot of your self spoofing on accident? Haha, hows the joy stick coming along? :joy:


Seeing a bug drop, noticeable as most places I play are not well populated with Dino’s anyway, live in rural area and they only spawn near roads, never near footpaths (hiking routes for US people) as the map seems unaware of footpaths


I mostly hit large store area parking lots, malls. Lately my fav is driving to different residential areas at night. I’ve seen just about every single spawnable epic besides pyro in the wild. Can’t seem to pin its biom


I dont get drive around but as a family we do try and catch whats around us. But they took the park away from us on the map so no green supply drops are around us and thats where most dinos seem to spawn but where i live or work there is far less than there use to be.