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Where have uniques gone from this weeks showcase


We were shown 5 uniques with5 attempts for this weeks show case so why have they now disappeared from it?


They will available this Sunday.


They haven’t disappeared. Theyre not out yet


Go dart ur commons for the next 2 days while u wait

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Ludia decided to betray us all and burn our joy to ashes…

Nah jk. Just visit their social network and check their plans, it‘s all there. :wink:


Couldn’t fit it all on the graph they will be here sunday don’t panic we will get our chances at them

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Yes I saw it on there at weekend but on our show case no sign of them .


I thought that the Showcase window just show the ones that would be available in the Event/Paid incubators.
Uniques won’t be in the incubators, so didn’t get shown here.


Not sure torque


You mean this or unique darting?
We can dart unique on Sunday


Nost likely a case of making the uniques fit in with then template decided not to waste man hours on a new template