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Where I can fit Tryko? Just got him



Can you please give me suggestion where I can fit Tryko in my team? Just got him



Stegod has to go.

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Stegodeus out. Tryko is like a tank itself with that 30% armor, and has insane damage output.

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And perhaps swap tryo for tenontorex

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Trykosaurus is better than any dinosaur you have. Any dinosaur would be an improvement. Some more than others obviously. Also dioraja is better than stegodeus… and so is tragodistis


You have great dinosaurs but Erli is your most RNG dependent in your line up,… For now I would put Tryko in place of Erli until Erli is higher level. Tryko is currently #1 best dinosaur in the game.


I really felt when had Dioraja in team (for very long time) that he is not really a tank, like really dies fast.


Thanks everyone for feedback.

Those who suggested Stegod out, don’t I need another tank in there? Like replace someone else with Tryko? Or even Tryo with Tryko?

Or I replace Erliko with Tryko for now?


Tryo for tryko

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Anyone else want to give suggestion?

And is keeping Erli in team good option at level 22?