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Where I can see my VIP chest level

Sometimes I can see the level but normally I only see a “V”. Now I am not sure which level it is, i bet 5 or 6 but not sure…

I think you can see your level when the chest is ready to collect. A little number will appear on the chest which is it’s level. Just collected so will have to wait for timer to reset.

Also, when the VIP chest is next, the “vip” will be replaced by it’s level. See pic.

Thanks, will check this!

Another question: how many vio chest do you collect per day? I have only one each day.

Haven’t really paid attention, I think it’s only 1. But you get the VIP brawler’s box too daily if you kill enough hero’s.

My VIP chest level was also recently reset. I generated a support ticket to have it fixed. No response yet. I suggest you do the same.