Where is 2.12

Where is update 2.12 is it delayed or not cause it is not out for so reason

because you’re 5 days early

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no today is it

the release notes come out today


thats true

yea das wat i meant

Gamepress said RELEASE NOTES today. Thsts any time today. And it’s only 30 minutes past reset time. Chill
The actual update will happen the Tuesday est after release notes.


ig he said bout notes

Yep usually it will come out in 3-4 hour after the reset

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now its just wait may take a while but the realese notes will came

Release notes are today. Update is on Tuesday

Depending if ludia employees have today off or not. Not sure if they participate in Black Friday like the US does.

Guess whos gonna stay up until 12 again?

No one gets Black Friday off, so it will probably be put out in an hour or 2. Plus they probably just need to polish up the notes and press send

Release notes are here!

I did. The company let us all have today off.

Tons of people in the US get the Friday after Thanksgiving off. Why do you think black Friday exists?

send me link for relase notes

They’re always under the Announcements section

Ludia is a Canadian company, and over here in Canada we don’t get those days off……