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Where is all the Ouranosaurus?

I live in zone 2 and never see them anymore. It’s like one a month if I’m lucky. Anyone else having that issue?? I used to see them all the time and now their gone.

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i havent seen one since before it got a fusion. when i got it to level 15, i didnt continue to collect dna for it because it didnt have a fusion, but then they stopped spawning after the fusion was released.

In Zone 2 about the same experience. I have seen and captured a number of them around banks.

Heck, I’ve only ever seen a total of 1 in the wild. Unless another event comes up where its featured, and I get supremely lucky in my darting, I’ll probably never see its hybrid lol

One spawned for me like 15 minutes ago. Didn’t dart enough to get it to level 15 to start fusing its hybrid but it’s close.

I live in L2 too and pretty much never see them. It’s almost always Seco when it’s an epic spawn. I spend hours a week hunting in that zone and still don’t find them.

I seen 2 lastnight, a few min apart right by my house

Saw one today while hunting. Also got 2 off my epic scent, for a total of 700 dna. Allowed me to unlock Diloracheirus :pray:t2:

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Got one from a common scent today.

I think that is the problem. Once they add something like a hybrid, the spawn rates of the base creatures seem to drop. Give with one hand and take with the other.

There’s one a couple of streets from me right now, but not going out at 22:30 for any dino!