Where is Arctalces?

I won’t be satisfied with 100 hard cash for this. Nor will many others.


Hey Qiew. Sadly, I can’t say for certain about the plan as our team is still investigating. :thinking:

Once I get more information from our team, I’ll be sure to provide an update on this!


I’m not sure why you wrote “spawn rate of Artalces” there. I’m pretty certain that there were empty supply drops that were supposed to contain Artalces so it’s not exactly a spawn rate issue. That read more like it was about the Arctodus and its abysmall spawn rate but I guess that will remain as is?

I’m yet to find a single rare bear 🤦🏻‍♀

Sorry for the confusion, Beanhead! I always think of the creatures as “spawning” under the ESD so I used the term spawn rate. :sweat_smile:

However, please rest assured that my post was for Arctalces. :slight_smile:

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@Ned (and other mods) - i dont know how it works for you all and ludia. But when I modded for a mobile game, we weren’t paid, we weren’t part of the gaming company, we were just passionate players of the product that wanted to help out. We didn’t have magical powers, we didn’t code, we weren’t involved in decision making. Our contact with the gaming company went through a single non-dev contact. But we bore the brunt of the communities (valid) frustration. I can’t even call it misplaced- we signed up to be the fall guys (and girls).

Anyway, I just wanted to say: thanks. Thank you to you and the other mods for the community service you provide, and the attitude you maintain. It’s a rough job.


We need a recandelarization, I am very close to raising my arctalces one more level, but it is that with the low possibility of finding arctodus it was the only opportunity to get a little dna🤡

Hey DPG members,


This is a very smart move for Ludia! Not scheduling it right away as that will look like it took away from something else so I am guessing the redo will probably be on in a couple of weeks so sit tight all! We will get our Moose/Bear!

I have said this a thousand times! I could be wrong :expressionless:!! That basically covers my tail if I am wrong lol :joy:

Personally I hope it’s a fully loaded strike event instead of a darting event!


Bug Description: Arctalces was a featured event creature for Saturday, January 1, 2022. The community reported it as having not appeared in Help & Support here. I’m reporting it as an official bug as the creature did not appear at all that day and I did not see a report about it filed.

Area is was found in: This appears to have been a global issue.

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Look at the map on 01/01/2022. There were many empty green supply drops with no creatures. Only Ankylomoloch and Coelhaast were available and no Arctalces appeared on the map as it was scheduled to do so.

How often does it happen:
This only happened on 01/01/2022, the first time Arctalces was scheduled as a dartable creature in an event.

What type of device are you using:

Screenshot of Map on 01/01/2022:

(Courtesy of @Livfenris)


that’s never happening

it will most likely happen several months from now or maybe they’ll have it in a weekly event in November or December

My 1 very serious question about this non appearing but highly anticipated legendary creature failed to appear on the day it was originally supposed to WHY NOT ?

Nearly 3 weeks later and the JWA world wide community is still waiting to hear an answer to our enquiries but so far not one answer has been forthcoming and the silence from the LUDIA TECHNICIANS has been absolutely deafening in both feedback to the world wide JWA community at large or reasons behind why this legendary creature failed to appear as promised to us all.?.

:roll_eyes: :weary: :roll_eyes:

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You have to make it from an Arctodus and Cervalces

We are getting cervalaces this week. 15th-16th

They updated this post:

And he’s not available again!!!

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I’ve seen 1 but is out of range. Either waiting for a closer one later or will hit one when I go shopping tomorrow.

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It’s available.

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