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Where is Arctalces?

I have rebooted and still nothing.

My alliance has said they are so sparse too… a 40 minute car journey showing just one!


I have 4 green drops in my play range, in which only epics appear, then there are green drops with a ribbon that are rare, but no Arctalces.


Only see bumpy hybrid so far. Ill keep an eye out. But really? Repeating the whole event rather than just adding in the bear? They really don’t want us finding it.


Only epics here too.

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Not only is super hard to find a legendary supply drop but maybe you don’t even find the bear under it

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I had to go for a drive several miles before I found an Arctalces. The legendaries are like a half mile or more apart and mostly the other two.

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There were two legendary bears near my home but they have vanished. I saw only the two other ones when riding today.

I have only see epics but I think its just bad luck. I will keep a close eye on m game though

Epics, epics and more epics …. No legendary after a 60 km drive seriously ?!?

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Also …. I thought they swapped the weekly calendar so that issues arising could be fixed yet they manage to do this during the weekend when nobody is around to do anything :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_shrugging:t3: Like why??


Not sure why ludia did this.

Opened the game and found arctales and coelhaast nearby, guess I’m lucky lol

Here we go again so much for getting Arctalces legendary creature !

There is no sign of it anywhere yet again but both Bumpy hybrid and Coelhaast flock are spawning like the plague once more.

Are we ever going to get what was promised to us all ? That remains to be seen and i for one do not hold out any hope of actually seeing the Arctalces hybrid spawning at all or if ever within the time remaining to get it due to the plague of Bumpy hybrids and the Coelhaast flock covering the map like a blanket.


nope darte dit this morning bird bumpy red and this is on the map

I found him just an hour ago.

Once again ludia makes fun of his players, in the first event the Arctalces never appeared in the green supply drops due to his own mistake, this time the event coexists with the epic creatures therefore the green supplies where Arctalces can appear are scarce, the easiest thing was to give 100 dna to each player, since the previous error had been from the game server and the people who play this game had nothing to do with it, therefore reorganize the event or give us 100 dna to who we have never seen the Arctalces in the green supply drops.


It’s out there, but I count myself incredibly lucky to have found it after driving around for 10-15 minutes

Still kinda wish the 200 was just given to us in a special strike tower to beat, but I’m happy with getting just enough to unlock it without spending any bear or deer DNA.

Now please Ludia, make the deer available to dart soon, and/or learn from this next year by just putting a new Unique or Legendary in a special incubator to win. Surely that’s easier than doing this and it would spare the team and everyone else the headache…


that’s awesome - but many of us don’t really have even a single legendary supply box anywhere. Also - there was NO mention of Arctalces or any legendary as being a weekly even creature on the weekly event chart, so I had NO idea they were out there, not that I could find one. I literally thought the legendary boxes (the total of 4 in miles around) was a glitch. I think Ludia needs to remedy this :heart:


This is the problem. If you find a single legendary box you are forced to take what you can get. In addition to this, like I mentioned before, there was nothing on the weekly calendar that listed any legendaries as an event. I was shocked when I saw a very tiny handful in a wide several mile radius of coel and one anky. I thought it was a glitch, kinda like that weird coin chase glitch we got over holloween where there was only one treasure chest in like a 100 mile radius.


all the green supply boxes are epics xD. you’re lucky if you find one or two legendary anywhere.