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"Where is Bal-Unce?" song

Ok so those of you who seen my (still being written) song “I believe in my Thor” I wrote, well im working on another song. Its a parody of the song “Where is the Love”, based on the imbalances in arena since 1.7 dropped.

This post is where I will release the song.
Its still in very early stages but I will give you the chorus now.

Note: Maybe listen to the song “Where is the Love” by The Black Eyed Peas to get the tune into your head!

“Where is Bal-Unce” - Written by Stiffeno

Chorus -
Dino’s crittin, Dino’s dyin
Dracorex’ll send you cryin
Do you keep him out of reach?
Or do you use him like a beech?
Brother, Brother, Brother, help us! Send some changes from above
Coz Draco’s got me, got me, questioning…”Where is Bal-Unce?”


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