Where is Beta?

I know she’s exclusive, but I thought she was supposed to be in dart events? How do people already have her? I haven’t even had a chance at getting her, and when you ask those who have her, they refuse to tell you how they got her. So I assume cheating


Some incubators had her, then she got put into sanctuaries so lots of people have her.


How do sanctuaries get people to have her? I don’t know about all of that

If you’re apart of a decent alliance, they’ll have sanctuaries where people can place dinos that you can interact with to earn their DNA:

Oh, okay. Thank you for explaining. Do you know if beta will be in dart events, though? Or have her own incubator to buy in the store?

We have no idea until so said events happen. But most likely, yeah, Ludia always wants to make some Money

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I was surprised to see Ghost in the store since she was apparently only in battles. So I’m shocked we haven’t gotten Beta. It is what it is, though. Thank you for letting me know more on this


I’m sure she’ll show up in the store first and then sometime afterwards as either a Friday strike tower or special dartable on a weekend but I’d bet dollars to donuts she shows up in the store first.

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Thank you for reassuring me, I definitely needed that. Hopefully it’s sooner, rather than later

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