Where is Dimetrodon?


Where have all the Dimetrodons gone? They used to b all over the place…now i havent seen one in over 3 weeks…Has anyone seen any lately?


Probably see a 2-3 of these a day; but then I am in Habitat L2 which is its local spawn (don’t know if this changed with the 1.3 update).


They are at Taco Bell.


I probably see about 1-2, and I’m right on the border of L1 and L4.


Pre 1.3 update, I used to see so much of Dimetrodon/Dilophosaurus/Gorgosaurus, I was sick of them. Now I am still getting a lot of Gorgo, but hardly get the first two.

Even at the L2 zones I go to hunt, I see other dinos but hardly any Dimetrodon!! Have so much Baronyx but no Dimetrodon for my Tryostronix hybrid :frowning:


Yep i need it for trystronix too but they all disappeared…right after the update…I think im in Habitat Zone 3…


I am right between zone 2 and 3 and dimetrodons are everywhere.

Not leveling it up yet cos lack of coins :sob::sob::sob:


Gimme them, I want more! :sob:


Me too…i live in zone 4 i think…not totally sure…dont think ive stumbled on zone 1 or 2 yet