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Where is Gallimimus?


on my way to work i travel 35km’s and pass at least 50 - 60 event drops over that hour. Out of all of them only 2 were Gallimimus. seriously…whats that about?


Went out on lunch break, 5 green drops possible to visit on lunch walk, none had galli. Small sample, but irritating as these are only green drops I can ever visit as can only DNA hunt on commute / lunch break, and these 5 drops are only green ones I can reach. So even more hurt for the casual player!


Haven’t seen one yet myself either. Of the current batch it’s the only one I want.


Oh man, was tough last night. Found a few, but did a lot of driving around in 3 ish hours. Got about half my attempts done…


I was able to get 28 of Galli from yesterday/earlier today’s attempts.

Some assumptions:

  • The park event commons change every hour. There is a short gap in between the change where the supply drop might be empty. This is the irritating part since that blank time might be up to 15 mins.
  • Some of the parks having 4-5 supply drops might have all of other dinos. Considering the ideal average should be 1/4, there would be some parks where there are more of Gallis.

Here’s what I did:

  • I planned a quick trip in one drive that would cover as many parks around (especially those ones having multiple spawn points). I ignored those smaller ones where there are only a couple of supply drops.
  • Since the dinos rotate every hour, went through this route a couple of times. If you take more than an hour, then you can redo that loop and the dinos would have respawned (but might be different).

Initially I didn’t have much luck, but on my last trip, there were a significant number of Gallis fortunately. Hope this helps!!


Once you get to level 15 he’s going to cost ya 500 a pop too better carve some more time out for hunting because he’s the least common common in the game I recon.


Same as my experience last night


I got one on my way home tonight. On my town there is only 5 green drops with great diatances between them. I might also find one gali on a random drop lol


1 day of hopping around 3 parks with total of 30ish event supply boxes and now this crap is finally over…


Check about 12 supply points for 3 hours last night.
Because the largest park around me got 5 points, others just spread in the city.

Guess how many attempts did I finished on Galli from these more than 30 chances?
Only 4 attempts.
Other event points are filled by those useless Gen2, and that amphibian.
Thanks a lot Ludia, I think I couldn’t even complete half of 48 attempts.:tired_face:


We only found like 5, it’s totally ridiculous. They should have them and 1 other at the most.


Just came back from walking the dog at the neighborhood park that has 4 green stops. One of them was a Galli. They do seem to be scarce but with 1 in four chance and many green stops empty it’s about average with the others. So far I have darted 14. The nice thing is they don’t run crazy and are fairly easy to bulls-eye.