Where is mortem

just wondering is there a problem with mortem raid today ? ive just logged in and half the clan saying they cant see the mortem raid anywhere on the map!! any help/info would be great thanks guys n girls Andy

There are 3 bosses out so it’s definitely more rare. But I did it today, so it does exist.

We had this with Hadros Lux yesterday. Luckily one of our (non apex raiders) did a Forrest Gump run to fetch us a raid. They keep scattering the bosses further apart every week…

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This is the problem with having 3 or 4 Raid bosses on the map. They become more scarce.

When it was one you easily had 4 chances for it to appear on someone’s map, now there are 3 or 4 bosses it’s easy for 4 players to not have Mortem etc at all.

Ludia cramming all these bosses into 4 days is toxic for the game. @E.D @Eugene


What would the solution be?

  • More bosses on the map is just super ugly.
  • Less different bosses per day is what no one wants. People want that DNA
  • Spreading over the weekend is too much interference with the tournament

Can only think of 1 thing: Other ways to start a boss fight. So either there’s designated spots on the map where you can choose which boss you fight, like an arena spot similar to a sanctuary. That, or you shouldn’t have the need to actually be near them. Maybe start them if they are in visible range (500m?), or start them with a click of a button in alliance chat.


Definately very few Mortys around today

I don’t think having bosses over the weekend would interfere with the tournament, a lot of players don’t touch it after their 10 takedowns, and many aren’t fussed about even doing the takedowns. I’d much prefer to have bosses to do Saturday and Sunday, and I think others in school/college/weekday jobs would appreciate raids at the weekend too when they have more time.


I had no Indoraptor in view today and forgot about it, definitely feels the more bosses we get the less chance we see one of them around, and tbh I feel panicky about fitting in 3 bosses after work

I can see how more different Bosses means you see less of each around. But when we started the bossraids I had about 5 bosses around me (not all in range obviousy, but close) Now I’m happy to see one maybe two anywhere… They definately put less of them on the map. Brilliant time to do so with many countries re-taking measures against Covid-19 spread…


This is at my office - sadly only Indo available at home

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I see all 3 at around 250-300m from home. Can’t really say there is a decline in total bosses on the map. I guess that’s just mostly a random thing. There’s just too many different ones.

Yeah morty was a mess today, was 20mins in car before I saw the first one, a few pyrri and heaps of indo. Wish it was the other way around

I have days where I don’t even see them around my house at all.
Then I can’t even reach them at work. :woman_shrugging:

There needs to be SOME on the weekends.

I had hadros lux yesterday…

I suggested that events etc could be added to the campaign menus - especially during covid when we are supposed to be staying inside.

I can see all 3 bosses stomping around way off in the distance. I also get to see event dinos outside of my immediate vicinity and maybe 1 in range if I had VIP.

This game was designed for you to get out and about, but it needs rethinking during this pandemic.

The amount of bosses each day is also a chore to be honest. Fortunately I’ve beaten all 3 today thanks to being in a great alliance but the length of time some of them take is getting ridiculous - especially when people disconnect etc as they get an incoming call at an inopportune time (happened during a raid last night). There goes another 15 mins to get back to where you were.

Its almost like this is a game where you’re supposed to go out and hunt for dinosaurs… Although given the current circumstances, they should be more available from players homes right now. I don’t think having 4 bosses will be a problem in the future. But for now, maybe they can add a “boss scent” to let players spawn their own? Because otherwise, the spawn density required to ensure every player is close to all four bosses is ridiculous. This could also be solved by distance public lobbys, having bosses be events that you can access at all times, etc.

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Mob bosses aren’t part of the ar portion of the game. The only reason their on the map to begin with is so Ludia can go “look we have giant enemy Rex” on screenshots for marketing.

Only one person has to go out and find the boss the other three get to sit on their couch. That’s dumb design. They could have been added to the arena tab it’s not like people are gonna progress faster just cause one extra person gets to do the fight from their couch.

I’d love to see some Ludia execs all gathered around outside doing a Lux raid in 2 months. We’ve already had our first snow and winter is coming.

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Thats fine by me. But if they are going to add bosses to some kind of always-accessible tab, then there should be no problem in adding as many bosses as they want (within reason, of course).

Enough of the sarcastic responses.

Ludia probably hasn’t finished adding Raid bosses yet so it will only get worse.

Sorry about that. My point is that it is an AR game, so we aren’t necessarily entitled to access to everything all the time. That’s why there are local spawns, and strike events at particular towers. However, bosses should be relatively accessible, at least right now and going into the winter. So they could just make the bosses part of a menu, so that everyone can challenge them all the time. But then it wouldn’t really matter how many bosses they add, because you wouldn’t need to track down any of them. The only potential problem with too many bosses is that some people don’t have time to challenge and beat every boss in a day, but to me thats more of a problem with the length of raids, not with the number of raids per day. Even so, I don’t think they’ll have more than 4 at a time anyway.