Where is our October update?

@admins Can any of you please tell me where is our October update release notes and when we will get the update ?

They never give advance notice before dropping the release notes on a Friday. The earliest you may find out is if they provide a first look to GamePress, but so far there’s not been anything.


My best guess is tomorrow should the gamepress teaser arrive since we have all new raid bosses out and updates usually arrive during the second tournament time

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Well GamePress did post their information last time on the same day so it’s possible.

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Yep. We’ll see if not tomorrow than next week probably

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I know i should have replyed on the 2.10 patch notes thread, but i still don’t get what do you mean the patch notes droping on the same as the teaser (unless i’m missing something really obvious)

I went back to the article on discord, and it says it was posted on august 26th 2021 21:31 (central european time)

And the 2.10 patch notes droped on september 3rd

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Ah yes you are right, I was looking at the wrong article. Then yes it was earlier, which means this week is unlikely.

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They are too busy fixing bugs <----- Joke


No, only the Patch Notes of 2.11 will drop the 15th, NOT the actual Update itself. The Patch Notes will drop the 15th, and the update will likely drop the Tuesday after the week the patch notes drop.

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Finally we are getting one thing that we wanted the Daily Login Calendar.

The link about patch notes.