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Where is ouranosaurus?

Find an ourano about every three months, also what do I have to do to earn irritator? These two are really holding back my team. Very active player willing to work for these kids.


Ourano is an l2 spawn… look for a dracos and einos. I like to save up a few epic and rare scents then hit an l2 spawn. Its rare for me though too. Currently sitting on like 30k deino and 4k diplo just waiting on ourano.

Irritator requires prayer…hopes and dreams.


Yeah same here. Took me months to create Diloracheirus because of it.
When I‘m using epic scents in L2, mostly Secos appear.

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Ourano is another one that I never see outside of dinosaur of the week.

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I live in local 2 and see at least one every few days, the real thing holding me back from progres is Dilophosaurus, for a rare it doesn’t really spawn as often as it should… and when I use a scent, it’s mostly argentino…

Glad to see responses, what exactly does local 2 mean? I keep close tabs on where I see certain Dino’s, but I’ve never been able to pin down what the “local etc.” zones are.

Ankylosaurus and ourano were the most rare of rare sightings. Then ankylo became daily. Leaving that title honor to ourano.

How much ya wanna bet we will see ourano as daily soon?

Look for Draco’s and ein is the most useful answer I’ve heard, thank you

The last two I found were near large streets and hardware stores?

Here you go:

In this article you’ll find out where to look for certain dinos, so for example if you see a lot of einiosaurs somewhere, that’s an area where you’ll find ourano or gorgo or an erliko gen 2 :slightly_smiling_face:

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Same here. I live in L2 and get Ouranosaurus every other day. Rare Dilophosaurus is what holding in making Diloranosaurus.

I live in L2 an haven’t seen one in months …I used a epic scent an walked an saw secos gypos an koola but no ouranos …was thinking they took them outta the wild I did get lucky recently an got a 100 out of a 8 hr incubator

Thanks, so I can recognize an area based on the Dino’s I see, not a specific part of town etc. I commute an obscene amount and was hoping to alter my route to get these.

I dont even live in dilo local, but i still have a ton stocked from events. My deinois somehow already ready to create dilorach, even though I never see those. Ourano is severely holding me back

I’m local 2 and see about 1 a day.

I just went into the game and he spawned on me immediately!

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You’re welcome :wink: I myself commute a lot, cause I teach English at companies, so basically I travel through every zone at least once a week. I only sometimes go out hunting on foot when the events are good.

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I live and hunt in L2, haven’t seen one in months.

I guess I live near l2 as well, draco gen 2 n enio spawn s near my hse, and when I popped an epic scent recently, an orano was first to spawn.
Best result so far I got is 2 orano spawned in 1 epic scent duration. The rest just random dinos.

They seem to not want to add any zone identifiers, don’t understand why.

Gotta love having to tab out and visit a 3rd party website just to figure out what zone you are in…

They must have some kind of arrangement with metahub or something.