Where is rare strike tower?

According to schedule there should be rare strike tower for 12 hours today. Don’t see it anywhere.


Have the epic scent out of range and no sight of the rare strike… but the Paramoloch fiasco is probably hiding the rare strike.
Can someone look this up, please?


@Ned What happened with rare strike tower? It one that should be available only 12 hours.

Yeah i don’t see it either. wasn’t sure if its just hard to find or not there at all. That’s why i came here to make sure if it was so i don’t waste time like i did yesterday looking for para.

yup another missing strike tower.

It was really rare. I drove all through town and saw 1. I had the 3 others around my house and neighborhood though

I got it in my mailbox lol

Exactly. We drove all over dropping off Easter stuff for kids at our church. I saw 2! It is, pardon the pun, extremely rare…

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Well, I guess the people on a more severe lockdown that don’t want to put other people in danger by going out searching for the rare strike are just screwed up…

Bad Ludia, bad.


I found only one after going around by car

So, again, it was like for New year week. One strike tower in whole city. Then I walked over 10 kms each day to find last missing tower. In current conditions thats impossible without risking fines.

Expecting similar thing with epic tower, as Para will still be there.

That’s 20ks of coins down the drain…
And of course, a future ticket to be submitted, I’m not paying for Ludia’s mistakes.

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I see the rare but no epic…

This strike tower was so hard to find. It was nowhere in my neighborhood, but finally found one when I was just about to give up and head home. :expressionless:

Screenshot_20200411-201746_JW Alive

Woooow the best tower of the whole day comes out at 10pm eastern time and will probably be gone once I wake up. I already drove out after 10 to get a 3 fight blue tower. I don’t even see an epic one until I saw the post above.

This is ridiculous. Why does Ludia think it’s a good idea to rotate the strike towers? Put them all out at the same time for 24 hours or whatever or do what I suggested which is probably the best solution for everyone.

@ned @john @Ludia_Developers

I don’t see the epic strike anywhere near me. Probably going to miss out on it. Was is really necessary to have 1 attempt at Paramoloch for a day and a half? You cut the rares short and make strikes hard to find. Baffling…


Now I see rare and epic tower. So they put out both in same time. They really need to make tower distribution better.

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Tower distribution is weird sometimes. I could see 37 strike towers from my house tonight. 0 of them were the epic one. I had to walk a few blocks east before I found one.

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Well I see 1 now in the entire city. Not sure if it was here 4 hours agoimage

i had to drive 2-3 miles from my house to find the one and only rare strike I saw. luckily I just had to walk 10 feet into my backyard to reach the epic.