Where is Refra?

For the first time since the launch of raids I can’t see a single raid boss on my map!

So no matter which direction I go in, I won’t find one within walking distance.

So now it’s not just the difficulty and rng that are a deterrent to raiding, now I can add not being able to find one to the list,

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yeha he is pretty spread out for some reason

And sometimes you get 2 apexes near each other lol. Granted its not the most urgent of issues to fix. But would be nice to see an even spread of the spawns.


It would be nice if there was always a raid in the same location that just changed which rarity it was. Like how a rare scent always gives 1 rare, it could be like a permanent Raid
Location. That way we don’t have to drive for a mile if no one in your alliance has the raid or dosen’t have good enough Dinos.

This is similar to previous suggestions where there is a raid tab at the battle sub menu. So they are always accessible 24/7 by all.

Oh please no. Sometimes a raid is right on top of my home supply drop and I have to wait for the stupid thing to move so I can tap the drop. Bajad is especially annoying because it’s so slow and moves so little.

Yes, that’s true but if they didn’t move would that still be a problem?