Where is Scuto in this pursuit week?

The spawn rates for epic dinos in the pursuit week are close to 0. Why do you call it the pursuit week if you can barely find the featured epic?

For two days, I found 0 Scuto even I:

  1. Used all the Giga scents
  2. Burned 3 epic scents
  3. Drove out for one hour (BTW, saw 0 rare deer within this one hour as well, so spawn rates for weekday dinos are also very low but that’s another issue)

Please increase the spawn rates of epics during the pursuit week so we can at least find a couple with some effort.

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Scents dont attract Weekly Dinos

Yes, these spawns are ridiculous but i don’t think it’s going to get fixed

Scents should attract these featured dinos in pursuit weeks though.

Yeah, I had to burn lots of gigas just to get 1 Scuto. I’ts pretty annoying.

Very true indeed. I’ve always popped one or two Gigas everyday. Came across just two Scutos.

Besides, I live in L1 currently. Have seen less than 10 of the Epic Compy and managed to dart just two.

Spawn rates are poor. Very-very poor I have to say.

Yeah, I’ve yet to see a single Scuto out there. Are we sure they aren’t all in hibernation?

Thank you for the feedback, DPG members! I’ll forward this to our team.

I’ve actually seen several. I think I’ve darted 4-5 at least in the wild. No scents needed at all.

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They must like the warm weather better! :wink:

It is a high of 80F today… :thinking:

I’ve had a fair few (uk) in fact them & some strutting ostrich are the only epics I’ve had in two days!

Update: 3 days now. Continue running the Giga. No Scuto at all.