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Where is snow 😥

It seems that with update 1.12, the snow has melted and map has returned to normal one. But why? It is the peak of winter now, and the snowy map showed it perfectly. Couldn’t it last to the end of February? Normal map is bland and boring when compared to the snowy one

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NO! I’m glad it’s gone! It was yet another pointless animation that caused more lag, and since I hate winter (California resident here), it was depressing. The map looks brighter and more cheerful without the snow.

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It feels weird without it…

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I’m not too bothered, but that’s probably because snow is rare where I live so it doesn’t feel out of the ordinary not to have snow on the map if that makes sense.


I’m sad the snow is gone. It was beautiful. And it is still winter. Snows more now than in December.


It was time for the snow to go. They didn’t add snow because it was winter, they added it for the Christmas and New Year period.

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I am so pleased but it doesn’t look right without the snow effect now. Going to take getting used to again.