Where is Stygimoloch DNA available?

Is Stygimoloch DNA ONLY available in the S.S. Arcadia arena? Or will I continue to see it as I move up? I’m 30 DNA away from the 150 required…

Santuaries are a good way to get DNAs.
I don’t exactly know which Arena, maybe Marshes.
Yes,you can see it as you move upwards. I am getting Stygi sometimes. I am at Lockwood.

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You should see it even in higher arenas, granted not as often. I still get Alanqa DNA from Epic incubators all the time as well as Stygimoloch DNA. As you go higher though, there are more epics available so you are less likely to get the specific epic you are looking for.

TL:DR : You can still get it.

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i have enough Stygimoloch dna to sink a battleship both the the normal one
and the epic version as well ! lol :smirk: :scream: :smirk:

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Request it through your Alliance?

Cant as its an epic. :frowning:

True. My bad.



Cant as its an epic. :frowning:[quote]
ah there is a normal version of the stygimoloch ( its a ** common gen 2 ) thats not an epic it is the green one with white stripes ! :smirk::roll_eyes::smirk:

Yes, I’m well aware. I have plenty of its dna.
I’m pretty sure OP is talking about the epic one though.

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So much DNA :open_mouth: