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Where is the 2nd Epic tower?

Does anyone see the 5-step epic tower today?

I saw and done the single step one, stupid thing gave no Rex dna. But can’t see any of the 2nd epic tower.

EDIT: Oh wait… I see it, but it’s not an EPIC, it’s an easy epic. They messed up again on their advertisments, surprise surprise.


Next time learn to use the correct images! @E.D


Also, get ready for the easy epic on Sat/Sun because they messed that image up too.

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Jup, there’s just 1 per day. The thursday one is a 5 battle one, the rest just 1 it seems.

Yup, I get sick of their inability to pay attention to what they create.


It’s annoying but I kinda got used to it :slight_smile: No expectations, it’s always a win for me.


9 epic towers would’ve been amazing!!
7 isn’t so bad either :sweat_smile:

That being said, who doesn’t proof read before making a PSA?? :man_shrugging:t4:


This is very infuriating and unacceptable.


Looking back at it now, with hindsight, it was pretty obvious that Ludia messed up. They both have green beginner icons, and the background of the item was grey instead of yellow. That should have raised questions from day one, but when Ludia post an amazing week of towers like this it’s easy to overlook.

Still the fault is on Ludia not the excited players.


I got rex from the epic :slightly_smiling_face:

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What ya gonna do 'bout it? haha
Ludia: “Hey guys, here’s a whole week with double the rewards as usual! Enjoy!”
Forum: “There’s an error in the color on the picture! Unacceptable! We want our money back! Give us free epic rewards! Give us things! Give! Give!”

It’s just a game man, seriously.

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Ludia. That’s who.

Well that answers my question… would’ve been nice before I went out searching for it…

What happened to the Midnight strike? I saw them earlier but they disappeared! Did they move them somewhere?

They have been playing strike tower shuffle all day! This morning I had the boost strike and the midnight in my home area and now they are missing

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Thanks to the free gift of 200 cash, I was able to take down the Midnight strike tower on my 2nd try. Man they hit hard though

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I just went out for like a 10 minute loop and the epic strike is missing for me too after seeing it all day. I easily passed 60 stops on the my loop so I would have seen it they were out…

I wasn’t too thrilled about this week’s number of towers because putting more towers means one thing…one tower will be everywhere and the rest will maybe be only two visible or none, in this case the epics are nowhere to be seen and the common tower is like 10 in my surroundings…being abroad relying on wifi and in a country where moving around isn’t too advised, this is kinda demotivating

Actually this morning I was able to find and complete all the towers!

I only found the 2nd one this morning after I was at work. It was JUST outside my range and I couldn’t get it before 9am. Meh, wasn’t much in it anyway.

I had to walk a while to find the Epic and the Boost strike yesterday. The towers and green drops distribution has been terrible lately…