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Where is the Black dragon?


So you are telling us that the black dragon is coming in the future. Should the players expect the same results as when Ludia advertised Guild PvP Raids are coming soon?

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Introduction of Guild Rallies and Raids are PVE events that were introduced in the last year, along with different TOM and and Heroic Adventure Challenges.

Guild PvP events are not PVE and the team originally postponed them, because at the time a large amount of players were angry about matchmaking and wanted more PVE. As such no Guild PVP’s have been scheduled, and are unlikely to be scheduled as far as I know.

I cannot give specifics on when the Black Dragon will be released, because with the current climate dates are constantly in motion and can be delayed.

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Guild Rallies/Raids, ToM and Heroic Adventure are all reused old PvE content. Warriors of Waterdeep players have not seen any new PvE content in a year.

Thanks for clarifying that Guild PvP is not PvE. Whew… I really can’t thank you enough for that info.

Point of mentioning Guild PvP is about the false promises of Ludia. Why should the players believe when Ludia says something is “coming soon” or “coming in the future”. Ludia has proven to not come through on these claims.

So… what I’m gathering from this is that by the time the black drahon comes out (if it does at all…) it will be way past a year since any new PvE content has been seen in Warriors of Waterdeep. Got it.


You should be able to provide a ball park figure on when the new content is coming. Should we expect it before the end of the year or will it be sometime in 2021?

WoW players waiting for new contents:


Ludia’s concept of “coming soon”:



There is already a 4.6 star rated Interactive “NPC Dating” Mobile game in the app store named Replika.

Ironically made by a company named Luka

Okay Ludia you can scrap your project and come back to Warriors of Waterdeep now



I don’t think that’s going to be a problem for Ludia. Because users (I could be wrong @Keith) don’t interact in their game. You are dating the computer.

The only place where users would interact would be in their forums.


Thanks @jackrrabbit. I did not Investigate the proposed app and was unaware of its nature. Restricting a dating game to PvE would logically allay these concerns. For this reason I will delete my previous post.

Additionally, many long-standing players recall that Warriors of Waterdeep was PvE only during its heyday. The questionable PvP experience here may compel them to avoid implementing any in-game interactions in upcoming apps.

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I feel like im giving @keith a hard time by posting this. Sorry.

I meant to say “I feel as if I’m giving @Keith a hard time when I post anything negative. I apologise. Honestly, I like Keith and he does his best.”

I think it depends on what you mean by negative. Being critical of the things you dislike about the game is welcomed. However, note that other players’ opinions may differ and that is ok. Also note that some suggestions that the team agrees would make the game better take a long time to implement, and or don’t fit in the current years road map.

Also please follow forum rules when posting :slight_smile:

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Can you please answer the questions and give a ball park figure when the new content will be released. There is no possible way that you dont have access to this information

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I do have access to a target release date. However, the date has changed multiple times since the release of the black dragon teaser. Until I get a confirmation by the producer that it is ok to share, I will not be answering that question. Apologies and thank you for your ongoing patience.


I would ask that people calm down a little here. The forums are becoming unpleasant. It is hardly Keith’s fault the dragon is late and may never be. Please don’t forget that Covid 19 messed with this game as well.


I think that was my point earlier. I don’t think any of this is Keith’s fault. But I think in the forums we unanimously agree the game needs attention.

The latest event schedule was a wonderful step forward :slight_smile:


@jackrrabbit that screenshot from that app is probably the most I’ve smiled since entering this thread - thanks for the laughs :slight_smile:


Agreed, Fantastic screenshot @jackrrabbit . I inadvertently overlooked the embedded humor until now, :rofl:


Nothing personal about your post, jackrabbit. I am sorry you took it that way, and I totally agree with you. The ceiling in the game needs to be raised, and the only way I see that happening is with new dungeons for higher level parties. I am not even there yet, as I am still exploring lightfinger, and was really annoyed when the monsters and boss were spoilt with raids and rallies (we need specific monsters for those things so we don’t burn out on the challenge monsters), and I want new dungeons for the game’s future.

I was referencing the general attitude on the forums these days. The Joppa fiasco in particular is nasty. I agree that people who already have him should get the same access to rewards as people who don’t, but I disagree that anyone who has already maxed out the toon in one month should be angry that people get their own Joppas maxed. Nobody told them to grind for days on end, and I would hope that they had fun while doing it. Otherwise I would suggest that their anger is misdirected.

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LOL, yes in future updates…


I would disagree with your opinion about people not being justified in being angry about the broken Joppa gift. Grinding for experience and gear or otherwise working to better your character against others is sort of integral to many games, including gaming apps and D&D itself. The Joppa error breaks with a core feature of this game, past precedence internal with this particular app, and your comment disregards the money or time spend to improve the hero.

So I understand why people are upset. None of this is really directed at the individual moderators, but rather is legitimate customer feedback to the company. Ludia pretty tightly polices their forums and by and large conversation here is generally tame with maybe some histrionics here and there. I would suggest in offering a different opinion that their anger is appropriately directed.


You have excellant points, but I was gently trying to point out two things:

  1. The developer did not release a new toon so that people can go wild and play 24 hours a day to max it out. Quite the opposite. The new character is given out to slow us down. I am not surprised that Ludia is unsympathetic. It was these types of players that caused Ludia to make the books useless.

  2. The reward with Joppa should be proportional to the rest of the characters of any given person’s party. There is no way, when (if) I unlock him that I will get that much stuff. This is probably for a lv 20 party so the owner isn’t stuck with one level 7 toon to the other lv 20 toons.

I didn’t say their anger was unjustified, quite the opposite. I would be mad too, without a doubt. I did say they should get the same rewards as everyone else. I did also say, or mean, if I was unclear, that they should NOT be angry because someone else got a nice reward. The time they spend with the game should be for their own personal enjoyment. If they feel short changed because their time was “wasted” levelling a toon while someone else was given it, I would suggest that they are playing for the wrong reasons. If it comes down to an "unfair advantage " argument, then look to what I already posted above, not forgetting that people who have the time and financial resources to fully max out a toon in a month already have a nice advantage over the rest of the players.