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Where is the developer response to PVP outrage

Hi all, as you know im quite the community supportive player and I promote this game all over the place, and run as many guides and am as helpful as ever.

How can the Ludia team just blatantly ignore the entire outrage of PVP and just act like nothing is wrong. There are hundreds if not thousands of posts highlighting whats wrong, and complaints from the rest. Im not sure there is a single positive comment regarding pvp at the moment.

Im a game developer myself as stated elsewhere. This kind of conduct is unbecoming of a team. Anything short of accepting publically that there is an issue, shutting down the pvp sectors and working on a fix is a slap in the face to all players, especially paying players (amazing DnD games can run a total of 20 bucks for example). Whats worse is we never asked for pvp, dnd players dont generally seek out pvp, and thats been a constant community statement since before public launch (during beta) is why are we being forced to pvp. DnD is about engaging content and the like.

Anyway, please do something about pvp - 100% of your player base is complaining, and more content for the pvp system has been added instead of outright fixing it. (the new battle event, and additional daily pvp quests)


The lack acknowledgement that there’s something causing repeated and non-self correcting mismatches is troublesome.

That being said, exaggeration of player outrage is unhelpful. There is probably only over a hundred discontented post regarding the Test of Might issue over the past two weeks. Let’s not make the player base of this game to be higher than it really is. It only gets to the thousands if you add in all the post from before beta, and many of those are not applicable anymore, or reflect discontent with design choices (e.g. character selection).

It seems to me that it’s about avoiding admission of fault and not giving out compensation.

They seem to be relying on obfuscation so players don’t know how the mechanisms work, in turn preventing player from explicitly pointing out where something is broken.

Well, obfuscation doesn’t work if you have players who use data to uncover mechanisms.

The main issue in the recent ToM is basing trophy adjustment on the Battle mode score, rather than the actual matchmaking rating, causing positive feedback loops once event scores are 200 away from their original player scores.

Many players ended up getting 50 points for a win and 10 points for a loss, causing them to be repeatedly matched against harder players and not getting easier matches when they lose.

A subset of players realized this and have pointed out the problem. Yet the devs have not acknowledged it being an issue.


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