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Where is the dodge poll?

Just please put the link here so I can go to it.

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1 Like here is the dodge poll. You can thank keith the community manager for it.


It doesn’t work for me

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Same here.

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“We would like to hear your voice, but we don’t know how because… bugs”

Classic Ludia


It works now

This link and the one in game keep telling me there is an internal error

Would love to give feed back but it keeps giving me An errorpage!

Yep still getting the same screen

Okay, it worked before but now it doesn’t. Weird

tbh honest I feel that Dodge should get buffed to 100% damage mitigation as real meaning of Dodge is to avoid the opposing damage dealt by the opponent


just refresh it I’m sure it will get things alright

Agreed 100%!

I never did get it to open. Tried three different browsers and nada.