Where is the epic strike of today?

Hiho all. Where is the epic strike of today that was on the schedule? I didn’t see even one in the map from my house, and I can see like 30’s strike event. Thank’s.

It’s probably gonna appear 10PM est like the other strike events appeared yesterday…

The rare strike will turn into the epic strike in 10 hours.

And it’ll be out of my range because they all changed after restart lol.

Oh yes that happens last week also, can do it while walking to work!

I’m wondering how I am going to reach this tower today. I noticed a large decrease in supply drops in range from my home (4 down to 1). :sleepy: Even the event supply drops seem down.

If this tower appears 10pm EST, it should arrive here about 7PM. :unamused:

Yeah… I’m going to have to violate a curfew if one doesn’t spawn in range. Bad idea Ludia. Make everything available for those that have limited playtime due to well… Circumstances beyond our control. :slight_smile:


I haven’t seen one anywhere my home/office. :confused:

is that what this means?

can you only do one or the other? like if you’ve done the rare already you can’t do the master when it switches?

You can do both.

Like Dimi said, as long as you do the rare strike between now and the switch, you can get both rewards from both strikes.

Something weird happened yesterday. I did the scent strike on my main during the day. At night I played on my alt account and that strike turned into the 3-step Stegosaurid strike! Did that happen to anyone else?

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yep. If they’re gonna split the time for different strikes, the least they could do is warn us (or explain what is happening). im sure there are plenty of people who don’t understand the what the split on the schedule means. i know i didn’t understand for a while.


This is what happened to me yesterday. I had just finished the rare tower when I noticed the new ones. Both were out of range from home. I had to reboot my game (I had a giga scent going and it was starting to act up). When I came back to my game, both the rare tower and the common tower (the scent I remember was out of range) were replaced with the new towers.

Thank goodness I finished the rare tower before I rebooted. Sometimes I save strike towers for the next set of daily missions. Yesterday, I decided not to. I think I got pretty lucky this time, but I know I can’t depend on that luck everytime. :pensive:

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Wow… Well they reset alright but where as the rare strikes were in distance the epic is not… Way to go @Ludia_Developers instead of giving us the towers all day we get this and it doesn’t work… 10 pm at night…

It’s working as intended. The rare strike was meant to turn into the epic strike 12 hours after spawning. This is their way of giving us extra strike events. They did it yesterday too.

Problem is the range. They said they were going to do something about it. Hope they extend it soon so that anything you can see and click on can be done.

Problem is I had 2 rare strikes in my circle, a common lockdown, and an low epic one. Now I have none. So the rare did not turn into the epic strike for me.

Yea today the rare towers didn’t turn into epics. The epic towers are at different locations.


I cant reach either from my location since I’m locked down. So yayyy, for the events I can’t participate in! So exciting.