Where is the epic strike of today?

They were in different locations yesterday.

This day/night thing is a horrible idea. Just put them all out at the same time for 24 hours. Nothing stopped you from putting like 20 dinos out in 1 day with 5 attempts mixed with the epic event spawns…


I like the new mechanic – I haven’t missed a strike yet this week because they switch around and have all been reachable from my house during one half of the day or the other – but there should have been some kind of announcement/explanation. A lot of people here and in the Gamepress JWA Discord have no idea the strikes are changing at 10pm eastern time, and I’ve even seen a bug thread about it.

If the range was extended or if things were back to normal, I wouldn’t mind this.

I wish the extended range would have been implemented first before them trying the day and night time strikes. :unamused:

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I was able to do the rare (filled in blue incubator) strike earlier and logged on this evening and it is now an epic level (filled in yellow incubator) strike in a different location than the rate was in earlier today.